Micromax IN Note 1 Unboxing & First Looks with Camera Samples


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    Mircomax in Note 1 Smartphone new budget smartphone Unboxing & Overview including camera samples this has a 6.67" Full HD+ Screen is powered by Mediatek Helio G85 chipset comes with 4GB and 64/128 GB storage options, moving to camera it has a 48MP Quad rear camera setup with a 5MP ultrawide and 16MP front facing camera and a 5000 mAh battery with 18w fast charger.
    Micromax Note 1 will be sold in India via Flipkart bit.ly/3kNrCWz

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    1. Geekyranjit

      My updated impressions about the Micromax Note 1 after using it for a couple of days pamost.info/prom/qKSdZKCxfrCFksY/v

    2. Duke

      Ngl but these are some really good budget phones , hope they get good response

    3. Aswaghosh Anilkumar

      It is definitely a very good for 12000 rs especially 128 gb varient is worthy

    4. Arun Arun Arun

      Excellent design

    5. S H A S H A N K K E L K A R

      Ranjit please try to make content more interactive it makes us feel bad when you hurrry up Unboxing and talk so fast please work on it .. best wishes 🐱

    6. Vivek M

      5:32 is it a glitch in video or screen issue? Pl clarify my doubt as i am going to purchase it.

      1. Kokki kumaru

        @Vivek M 👌🔥

      2. Vivek M

        @Kokki kumaru for my mom, she strictly said that she don't want any expensive phones so I'm planning to buy this fully packed yet budget price smart phone

      3. Kokki kumaru

        @Vivek M Im order 2 phones one for me another to my brother.What about you bro

      4. Vivek M

        @Kokki kumaru thanks mate

      5. Kokki kumaru

        It's a glitch bro After Ota update they fixed many bug Issues

    7. Bipin Babu


    8. Bipin Babu

      1.2k pappu of aloo se sona nikalne wale disliked this video.

    9. Prabal Singh

      People are facing charging issue in this????

      1. Kokki kumaru

        Nope bro

    10. Shubham Waidande

      Who is after carryminati 😉👇👇

    11. angad kumar

      Ek chiz ka ratta maarte marte zindgi bit gyi ram. Processor, screen size resolution, price but log fir bhi oppo vivo ke piche pade hai.

    12. Yachin Minhaz

      Oleophobic coating hai iphones wala protection wow 🔥🔥

    13. Saurabh Singh

      Tatti phkne

    14. Jit Nayak

      Indian origin company phone🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳ur chinese origin company phones🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    15. Nikki Bt

      I have bad experience with this company. Not interested. After sale service is a great problem

    16. ayush kothari

      Micromax should focus more on quality and branding rather than configuration... We saw great specs from micromax phones 5 years ago but that felt very cheap. I hope micromax could be a class indian brand. Micromax needs to change what people usually feels when they hear the name of micromax.... It should not feel like cheap but it should be a quality indian brand just like what Voltas is in AC and others in their respective fields

    17. NEHAN gowda

      Quality of camera is not good .

    18. GreatRed

      konsa rebranded chinese phone h ye wla

    19. Gobi Murugesan

      Stock Android sucks. I really miss my old phone's extra features. But ya with ads.

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    21. GAMER _ 97

      Need support brothers and sisters

    22. GAMER _ 97

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    23. Bruce Banner

      ranjit is trying hard not to say Microsoft instead of micromax . 😂😂

    24. Naveen Chintu

      Why you don't give good experience than the china phones, your looks gives worst experience than it actually looks, Your review is waste

      1. Naveen Chintu

        Nuv review cheppu em kadu, cheap quality adhi ani urke cheppaku, anni chargers atlane untayi, and not only that every matter lo alane cheppinav,

    25. yogi chouhan

      Will the owners of Micromax company still be greedy and not invest in r&d...hope they learnt their lessons last time when they were kicked out from the mobile market by the Chinese companies....and imagine they had Hugh Jackman as brand ambassador... wait and watch

    26. nitin yadav

      Quite good storage at the cost. Plus, the Mediatek gaming processor in the device is also worth a praise. Good job Micromax.

    27. Ramandeep Singh

      Micromax In Note 1 is capable of beating all its competitors with the powerful Mediatek processor and the stock android support it has.

    28. jitender singh

      Sir kya isme direct video call hai jaise samsung mein ata hai


      Why am seeing a musician where is rangeet sir . Just a joke . Keep cleaning tech community


      Please desi style mai review dijiye na phele jaise 🙏

    31. Jassim666

      I think ranjit should go for long hair for the change

    32. Varun Upreti

      Does it supports 60fps video recording or just 30fps??

    33. R K

      Good mobile

    34. Sabari Nathan

      They don't provide cover case?

    35. Global things

      White colour is more good looking than any

    36. Abhi Paray

      One of the worst brand in the world Some other brands are far better than this.

    37. Abhishek Choudhary

      Hlo sir moto g 9plus launch in India

    38. Bali Bhardwaj

      Seems he did this review unconvincingly. Whatever he said is sooooooo full of 🙄😲. Forget these guys ppl... Support local🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪

    39. Arnav Bajwa

      What I like about this new Micromax smartphone is that it offers a device that fits regular as well as gaming users in an equal manner. The Mediatek Helio G85 offers a decent support in both the aspects.

    40. Thang Seldou

      Why micromax?? I never had a good experience with micromax. It is the worst phone I ever know...

    41. Dhruv Batra

      The Helio G85 gaming chipset integrated with the phone is really powerful

    42. Ishaan Bakshi

      The Micromax and mediatek team up brought out two really awesome smartphones for sure

    43. Atharv Shah

      For gamers the In Note 1 by Micromax is a great option with a super smooth performing MediaTek processor

    44. Krish Saxena

      The In Note 1 is a stellar smartphone with a great mediatek chipset

    45. danish pandey

      the picture quality in the micromax IN Note 1 is quite good just like the gaming performance with the integrated helio G85

    46. Gurukiran singh

      the review is as good as the phone! the mediatek helio G85 processor is the highlight of the phone

    47. Shaurya Sharma

      Micromax comeback is amazing and the smartphones has really good features, especially the gaming processor by MediaTek.

    48. Prince Kaushik

      Micromax smartphones are quite reliable and have all the features that are worth considering too.

    49. tushar sharma

      Picture quality is not that good but the mediatek helio g85 processor is amazing and even the powerful battery is one great feature.

    50. Jagathanimahesh

      Please grow the mustache and beard. Atleast mustache

    51. Puneet Jain

      I think Micromax will make a pretty good deal with the MediaTek gaming chipset as well its decent camera features.

    52. Ayush Nair

      The best feature of this phone is perhaps the Helio G85 chipset! Works so good in gaming.

    53. mayank bhatt

      We were anyways looking out ways to find out Indian brands, hence it is a nice choice in this budget segment.

    54. abhi atnure

      I always see him nervous when he says "subscribe"

      1. TYTU 5567


    55. Aditya Khurana

      The features and the specs sheet of the Micromax Note 1 makes it a powerful and decent gaming smartphone thanks to the mediatek Helio G85 chipset while the camera setup is impressive for a budget segment smartphone.

    56. Vihaan Kulkarni

      Micromax has done a good job with integrated a powerful set of features into the Note 1 phone. Mediatek chipset along with the impressive camera setup and the massive battery makes for a phone that's worth the price.

    57. Arjun Agarwal

      With the 48MP back camera and a 16MP front camera setup, Micromax Note 1 is a good option of a camera phone in the budget segment while the mediatek Helio G85 makes it a powerful gaming phone as well.

    58. ankit gupta

      Note 1 has a pretty good camera but my concern is Mediatek gaming processor and the smartphone is good in the area.

    59. Dark Seed

      Is this a made in India product or rebranded in India product

    60. Akash Kumar

      Gatiya phone

    61. Aditya Singh

      Who is after KBC here

    62. Divyansh Agarwal

      Bhai video Hindi me bhi banaya kro

    63. Starfish Prime

      3:00 he forgot goggle assistant button

    64. Arun Aravindakshan

      100% VALUE FOR MONEY

    65. Edward Kenway

      The main camera performance impressed me 🥳

    66. Defend Dreyar

      I want one for free

    67. Shivam Dixit

      I. Came here after carryminati video 😂

    68. rudra samrat Bhardwaj

      Which ssd is best for old HCL NOTEBOOK intel core 2 duo laptop 2010 model? WD BLUE or GREEN?

    69. Rahul

      Made in India...❤❤❤😍

    70. Rahul

      I must buy it...

    71. Mrinal Dutta

      Please review lg g8x many people bought on bbd sale so please review it thank you.

    72. Gagji Jadeja

      Hindi spik no eglesh ok no like videos

    73. Study Hub

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    74. SurajPaulOfficial

      Video is awesome Check out the video of my channel

    75. sai abhinav

      Is Auto brightness present?

    76. Chandrakumar Nong

      Ranjeet sir nice hairstyle

    77. Mr. Memer

      Who are here after carryminati 😂😂

      1. FUSION!!

        Me 🤣🤣🤣

    78. sourav choudhury

      Plzz do a video on titan connected x smartwatch

    79. Amrez khan

      In Entire video it seems he is least bothered in Reviewing the phone 😐

    80. ram kapoor

      Even though tempted by the clean stock android, its not enough to trust this brand.....they hv done such a miserable job in the past that it will take a long, very long time to build that trust......i for sure won’t invest a single penny in this so called deshbhakt brand..😂

    81. Deepak Prasad

      Way to go Micromax lets keep the chinese at their side of the border.

    82. Sarth

      my next phone after samsung j7 which i was using since 2015

    83. ಸತ್ಯಮೇವ ಜಯತೆ Satyameva Jayate

      How do i buy this please let me know

    84. Peria Samy

      Geeky you know what I do when I miss you..I mean your old you !! I watch old review videos..for ex.. nokia lumia 520.. I be like nostalgic 🤩🤩😍😍😍 ur unique from all.. I ve been following since router videos..

    85. Faizan Hashmi

      Finally a real review other youtubers just give that this phone is best but you tell every pro and cons

    86. Faizan Hashmi

      Finally a real review other youtubers just give that this phone is best but you tell every pro and cons

    87. Pratik G.

      Those dislikes most probably from Mi m china lovers🤣🤣 jaliii na..teri jaliii na...@Mi lovers🤣😅

    88. Tera Baap Aaya


    89. Balaji Karunakaran

      Do you know how I recognised this guy , for reference go and watch carryminati's latest video massage paradise..............................

    90. Moiz Delhve

      Review on the Infinity Glide 4000 headphones pleasee. I wanna buy those but I cant do that without your advice and review ;D

    91. Kishore Kumar

      Don't you guys get bored with the same review technique he has been using for almost a decade 🥱

    92. Made in India Apps

      Abe nha to leta ladu

    93. ankur jain

      Not good due to 4gb used I. This mob.

    94. Subhabrata Banerjee

      Does it is capable of NATIVE VIDEO CALL?

    95. Jha Saroj

      Support indian product guys please

    96. Abhijnan Ghosh

      An all-round smartphone at this price range. All the loops can be fixed with an OTA update. The main thing to see is how they offer services through their majorly defunct service centres.

    97. ALL MIGHT sketching

      Chinese se to acha hi hai

    98. MithunOnThe.Net

      I would have bought this for my mother if it were an option back in September. Sadly, I opted for the Samsung M31 as it was the only good non-Chinese option at the Rs. 13k budget limit.

    99. 7MB Gaming

      Desi Video

    100. Indi

      They could have given atleast SD665 instead of a Mediatek CPU. That would have made it the best under 10000.